Part 1: Your Accessories

PHVNTOM accessories are made with “PHVNTOM” element sourced from Europe and stainless steel 316L. The “PHVNTOM” element is a bio-based material made with recyclable, renewable and greener sources. PHVNTOM products are manufactured with precision and meticulously inspected with quality protocols.

PHVNTOM accessories have been produced and certified in accordance to Regulation (EC) No 552/2009 amending Annex XVII of Reach Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006-Nickel release.



Part 2: Gift Box

a) Main Elements

Every purchase of accessories at PHVNTOM comes with a sustainable gift box that is designed like a drawer and is made mostly out of paper materials. Apart from the detachable insert, we recommend you to sustain our gift box, either:

  1. Re-use the drawer box to store your purchased PHVNTOM accessories, or your other items and valuables, OR
  2. Recycle in accordance to the law and ordinances required by your government or local authorities (Guidelines and markings printed at the rear side of the gift box)

The paper sleeve that protects the gift box is made of paper materials, and hence fully recyclable.

b) Pouch

A pouch made of cotton and linen to protect the accessory will also be included in the gift box, and we strongly recommend you to maximise the re-use of this pouch.

c) Detachable insert

The purpose of the detachable insert is to secure the Stainless Steel Chain that also comes with your purchase. Take out the insert in order to unhook your Stainless Steel Chain, and afterwards, please handle and treat this detachable insert as a non-recyclable unit.




Part 3: Chain

The Stainless Steel Chain that comes with your purchase weighs approximately 13.2 grams and is around 600 mm in total length when unhooked. The chain integrates the functional design of a shrimp buckle with a press that easily hooks and unhooks onto 4 main catch positions on the chain.These catch positions are relatively larger in diameter and offer you different wearing positions of your accessories.


PHVNTOM Stainless Steel Chain     Wearing Positions

PHVNTOM guarantees, internally and within its supply chain, respect for standards of Social & Environmental Responsibility in compliance with internationally recognised auditing organisations.